The Perfect Head Shot to Nail Your Dream Job | Portfolio Head Shots Winchester, Ca | Kim Fast | Stevie Dee Photography

You're never too young to need head shots for your dream job. So yesterday I headed out to Winchester, Ca to take some head shots for this gorgeous girl I know (who also happens to be my cousin)! We weren't exactly sure where we wanted to go but we found this awesome open field on the side of the road and thought this would be perfect. Kim is auditioning for a job as a Disney Princess to entertain at childrens' birthday parties. Seriously, how cool is that?! She's also required to sing and dance but this girl can do it all! She has an amazing voice and is on the cheer team at her High School, but that's not all! She's also fisher and hunter and can kill really, really big bugs (like the one that made me scream during our session....yeah.)KIMFAST-32


You looked gorgeous Kim, thank you for rocking your session! Good luck at your audition, we'll be rooting for ya!



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Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Shoot Mid Day| Tips and Tricks For Photographers | Stevie Dee Photography

Tips & Tricks For The Natural Light Photographer While Shooting Mid Day

There's nothing quite like the mellow golden sun casting the most beautiful light (and the occasional sun flare, am I right?!) on the horizon right before sunset during a photo session. This I cannot argue with. The thing is, we don't always have the luxury of choosing the time of our sessions.. If it were a perfect world I would schedule every photo session during "golden hour" (ie. the amazing light described above that comes typically 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset) no doubt! But THAT is seriously unrealistic. I know, I know, some of you may be rolling your eyes  or thinking I'm crazy but truth is we are in the business of serving our client, even if that means shooting mid afternoon in the brightest and harshest light.

SPENCER-29Nikon D7000  ISO 200 35mm  f2.2 1/200 sec

I've heard photographers talk about how they ONLY shoot during golden hour and all I can think about is WHY???? Believe me, I totally get that shooting mid day is not ideal but it is not impossible. I am going to share some of my tips and tricks that will hopefully help you natural light photogs get out of the golden hour comfort zone and explore other beautiful light!

This is a gorgeous family session I shot at 12:00 PM in a woodsy park near my house.


First and foremost PICK A LOCATION WITH LOTS OF SHADE! I cannot stress this one enough. I have several locations I actually prefer to shoot mid day because the light is prettiest at that time for the area. For example, a wooded park. The trees create ample shade but still let a lot of light through the trees.


KNOW THE LIGHT. Always have your subjects stand in the shade with their backs turned toward the sun.


BRING A REFLECTOR. My reflector comes with 5 different sides so I bring it along and use the black side as a shade. I have my assistant or second shooter hold the reflector above the subjects' head to shade their entire face/body. Then I expose for the shadows on the face.


BE CONFIDENT with your skills. Watch your exposure grid and always always always expose for their faces. When people look at an image their eye immediately goes to the focal point, which is most times the subjects' face. By setting your exposure for their face the focal point of the image will be exposed properly while other parts of the image may be blown out.  *Be careful not to shoot too bright though, once a part of an image becomes blown out all the data is erased and your computer won't know what is there. No amount of editing can save a blown out image.

SPENCER-3 SPENCER-14 SPENCER-32You can see in a lot of these images that are parts of the image that are blown out. The important thing is to make sure the subject and focal point of your image is exposed the way you like it. I like to overexpose my images a little bit, I like the light airy feeling it gives but these same tips will apply even if you like shooting on the dark side.

I've heard other photographers say "Couldn't you just dodge and burn the areas to make them lighter/darker?" The answer: YES! You absolutely could. I prefer not to because number 1: That takes wayyyyyy too much in my post production workflow and number 2: Dodging and burning in todays digital age makes the image look flat, in my opinion. So I prefer to shoot it the way I want in camera and then make minor adjustments in post.

And my final tip to all you savvy natural light photographers; remember WE ARE NOT MIRACLE WORKERS. Being an outdoor natural light photographer puts you at the mercy of mother nature so you have to be ready, and confident, to take on anything that is thrown at you.



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Richie's Real American Diner | Featured: My Temecula Magazine October 2014 | Murrieta & Temecula commercial photographer | Stevie Dee Phottography

Richie's Real American Diner

Celebrating 22 years!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Jack and Linda Williams, owners of Richie's Real American Diner in Murrieta and Temecula. Jack and Linda, married 60 years, started their careers in the food industry some 57 years ago. The patriotic duo helped develop a concept for a well known steakhouse chain and quickly became their largest and most successful franchisee. Along the way they also became friends with Colonel Sanders of KFC and Carl Karcher from Carl's Jr. before opening their first Richie's Real American Diner establishment in 1991 in Temecula, Ca.

The "Richie" from Richie's Diner is named after Rich Snyder, who started working in his family's In-N-Out restaurant at  early age. He soon became president and CEO of the company at the age of 24. He was also a close, personal friend of Jack and Linda, and they admired the high standards he maintained in every one of his restaurants. As a tribute to the accomplishment and excellence Rich contributed to the restaurant industry, Jack and Linda named Richie's Real American Diner in his honor.


Between the fresh food and great service, it didn't take long before the neighboring community of Murrieta, Ca demanded a Richie's for themselves. Today, Richie's Real American Diner can be found in Temecula, Murrieta, Rancho Cucamonga and Palm Desert, although it still remains a family owned and operated business. Jack and Linda opted out of franchising for fear that it would compromise the quality and personality which is what made the Richie's experience so unique. Today, they remain a privately held, family run business and plan to keep it that way.

While dining in a mint green leather booth, don't be surprised if you are paid a visit from Jack or Linda themselves, they love to stop by each table and greet their guests.


"It's not about the cheapest  ingredients, it's about the best... and we serve the best." Jack and Linda pride themselves on maintaining the highest quality product they can. Their concept is simple: old-fashioned country cookin', using only the best ingredients, served by a friendly, courteous staff member devoted to "pleasin' people." 


Stop in to Richie's Diner, order a root beer float and say hello to our friends! Jack and Linda wold love to meet you! You can read more about their cover story in the October issue of MyTemecula Magazine.


Until next time,

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RP Olive Oil & Gourmet Gifts | Temecula, Ca Olive Oil | Temecula Commercial Photographer | Stevie Dee Photography

A few weeks back we drove out to De Luz and did some product photos for  RP Olive Oil & Gourmet Gifts.  The owner, Barbara, has about 250 olive trees on her property. The olive tree grove proved to be the perfect backdrop for our session! Barbara is one of the sweetest people I know...and her olive oil is to die for! I love supporting local businesses, but love it even more when local businesses support other local businesses. RP Olive Oil & Gourmet Gifts is proud to be  a California based company. Everything is handcrafted in California, from the crushing of the olives to the bottling and packaging. In fact, almost all the packaging materials are reusable & recyclable and made in a California based facility who employ developmentally disabled people.

RP Olive Oil & Gourmet Gifts has a variety of items and gift sets, making each one unique. The holidays are quickly approaching, whether you need a gift for teachers, your boss or family, don't give the expected bottle of wine or chocolates this year. Give a unique gift, a gift everyone can enjoy.










"Your search for the perfect gift ends here." -Barbara Rubin


It was an absolute pleasure working with Barbara and I can't wait to submit my holiday order! (Friends and family....act surprised! hehe)

Until next time,

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Does your business need a fresh look? The importance of having professional photos to reflect your brand | Inland Empire Commercial Photographer| Stevie Dee Photography

Are you a business owner? Do you have a website? Are you active on social media sites? Now let me ask you this... When was the last time you updated the photos on any of these sites? MD Diet of Temecula Commercial Photography Stevie Dee Photography

Every day people everywhere are using online searches and social media sites to find businesses. The great thing about this,  most of these social media sites are free and website hosting is typically less expensive than running an ad in the yellow pages. The down side to this, your business needs a constant presence online that reflects your business and your brand. Luckily for me, and other photographers, it's easy to have beautiful photos that reflect our work while maintaining our presence online. For other professions, this may not be so easy. There's nothing worse than having horrible photos that reflect your business... But that's just my opinion hehe.

Recently I've had quite a few inquiries from businesses to update their head shots or team photos. Expanding into the commercial side of this industry was something I never really thought about before, but once I started talking to other business owners I knew there was a market for this.

SDP-24md diet blog

Owning a business isn't easy, anyone who is self employed or knows someone who is can tell you this. There is a million and one hats you have to wear at all times. Making a good first impression of your business online is so so so important, but I feel it's one area most businesses don't focus on. And this is where you need to contact your local photographer to give your business a fresh new look! Seriously, you won't regret it!

SDP-1 SDP-10 SDP-9

Thank you MD Diet of Temecula, you and your staff were a pleasure to work with!

Click here to schedule an appointment and update your business website photos!

Until Next time,

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