The Perfect Head Shot to Nail Your Dream Job | Portfolio Head Shots Winchester, Ca | Kim Fast | Stevie Dee Photography

You're never too young to need head shots for your dream job. So yesterday I headed out to Winchester, Ca to take some head shots for this gorgeous girl I know (who also happens to be my cousin)! We weren't exactly sure where we wanted to go but we found this awesome open field on the side of the road and thought this would be perfect. Kim is auditioning for a job as a Disney Princess to entertain at childrens' birthday parties. Seriously, how cool is that?! She's also required to sing and dance but this girl can do it all! She has an amazing voice and is on the cheer team at her High School, but that's not all! She's also fisher and hunter and can kill really, really big bugs (like the one that made me scream during our session....yeah.)KIMFAST-32


You looked gorgeous Kim, thank you for rocking your session! Good luck at your audition, we'll be rooting for ya!



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