The Trier Family | Old Town Murrieta | Murrieta Family Photographer | Photos by Stevie Dee Photography

Last month I went to a mixer in Temecula and met some awesome local business owners. One of the fabulous ladies I met that day was Tracy. Tracy is the publisher for MyCommunity Magazine and set me up with the Trier Family. Every month the magazine features a local family and the Trier's were in the spotlight for the September issue... And I was lucky enough to be their photographer! We met up with the Trier's one Friday afternoon in Old Town Murrieta and had a blast! I scouted this location months ago and have been dying to do a shoot here. When Jennifer told me she was thinking about Old Town Murrieta I'm pretty sure I did my happy dance! This place is a photographers dream...filled with eclectic knick knacks and tons of vintage charm.






It was a pleasure working the Trier Family, they are the absolute sweetest! (And very photogenic!) Click here to read the article featured in MyMurrieta Magazine.


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Does your business need a fresh look? The importance of having professional photos to reflect your brand | Inland Empire Commercial Photographer| Stevie Dee Photography

Are you a business owner? Do you have a website? Are you active on social media sites? Now let me ask you this... When was the last time you updated the photos on any of these sites? MD Diet of Temecula Commercial Photography Stevie Dee Photography

Every day people everywhere are using online searches and social media sites to find businesses. The great thing about this,  most of these social media sites are free and website hosting is typically less expensive than running an ad in the yellow pages. The down side to this, your business needs a constant presence online that reflects your business and your brand. Luckily for me, and other photographers, it's easy to have beautiful photos that reflect our work while maintaining our presence online. For other professions, this may not be so easy. There's nothing worse than having horrible photos that reflect your business... But that's just my opinion hehe.

Recently I've had quite a few inquiries from businesses to update their head shots or team photos. Expanding into the commercial side of this industry was something I never really thought about before, but once I started talking to other business owners I knew there was a market for this.

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Owning a business isn't easy, anyone who is self employed or knows someone who is can tell you this. There is a million and one hats you have to wear at all times. Making a good first impression of your business online is so so so important, but I feel it's one area most businesses don't focus on. And this is where you need to contact your local photographer to give your business a fresh new look! Seriously, you won't regret it!

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Thank you MD Diet of Temecula, you and your staff were a pleasure to work with!

Click here to schedule an appointment and update your business website photos!

Until Next time,

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